Shingle Roof in Hialeah

Shingle Roof in Hialeah

This shingle roof in Hialeah turned out nice and the customer thanked me for talking him into white shingles – GAF White Royal Sovereign 3-tab shingles, to be exact.

In case you missed it, we always advise our clients choose white when selecting a shingle roof – or tile roof . . . or metal roof. Energy efficiency and extended life cycle are great reasons to go white and as you can see, as a neutral color, they match most homes. They certainly popped the Kelly Green on this house. Also note the typical factory white drip-edge and white turbine ventilators – always a nice touch.

Roof Ventilation Basics

Roof Ventilation System

A white shingle roof with the proper ventilation, in this case Lomanco turbine ventilators, is a viable option in Miami. When a client chooses a dark shingle and foregoes any ventilation outflow capacity the roof’s life cycle will be shortened considerably. Most South Florida houses are built with some sort of intake mechanism built in, usually soffit vents. Soffit vents without an out-flow capability is a static system. It will prevent moisture build-up in the attic but will not promote a significant flow of air. From elementary school we learned that hot air rises and without outflow hot air will simply accumulate in the attic and drive up temperatures inside the home. This drives up cooling costs and puts unnecessary strain on the air conditioning system.

A couple times homeowners have come running out of their house asking what I did because their home had suddenly cooled off. What I had done was cut the holes in the roof’s decking to allow for turbine ventilators. Usually when I do this it is like opening a clothes dryer with the blast of hot air rushing up from the attic.

Whenever considering a shingle roof in Hialeah or anywhere else in South Florida,  get your color somewhere else and choose a white shingle with sufficient ventilation.

by Michael Slattery

Shingle Roof in Hialeah





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  1. Many people would not even think of hniavg their roofing replaced in the winter. Especially where we operate in Westchester, NY we see very cold winters. The majority of roofing jobs we get are from leaks, replacing shingles, and removing snow and ice dams. However, we are on the same page as you. Not only would we rather work in the cold, but we can often offer our roofing customers more competitive rates because work is slower. Win, win for everyone!

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