New Tile Roof in Miami Springs

We just finished this concrete tile roof in Miami Springs and it is no coincidence that it is white. If a homeowner is at all indecisive in the color selection of their roof I may be so bold as to suggest, “How about white?” A white tile roof will cool off the interior, lessen the load on the AC system and cut the electric bill.
This is all great but the coolest advantage is the roof will last longer. The air between the tile and the roof deck will be cooler and therefore extend the life of the tile underlayment, the waterproofing component of the system.
We tore the old roof off, dried it in with 30 lb. felt and then spent a couple days on woodwork. The front porch was completely rotted out and the back porch was not a whole lot better. After primer and paint it looked sweet.

Rebuilt front porch in Miami Springs
Rebuilt front porch

It is best to wait for the sun to cook that 30 lb. and tighten it up so it lays flat. This usually takes a few days and ensures that the underlayment lays nice and flat as well. If the underlayment is applied immediately after the 30 lb. the result will be “baggy” underlayment. This allows for movement and greater expansion and contraction of the material with temperature changes. This effect is known as Thermal Shock, the number one cause of roof material failure. White tile limits the temperature range under the tile and with a tight underlayment the effects of Thermal Shock are reduced.

Per the manufacturer’s specs, after installing the self-adhered underlayment the roof must sit for 48 hours to allow for curing before loading tile on the roof. Entegra Malibu roof tiles were delivered and set in expanding polyurethane foam – there simply is no better method for roof tile installation.The main point here for homeowners is to realize that a new tile roof takes time when done correctly. In Miami-Dade County, where four inspections and an engineer’s uplift test are required, it takes an average of 3 weeks depending on the weather and other variables. If a roofer says he can do a tile roof in Miami in a week ask him, “Why the rush?”

by Michael Slattery

Concrete tile roof in Miami Springs, Florida

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