Clay Tile Roof Repair In Miami, florida - In Progress

Tile Roof Repair – Miami, Fl.

This clay tile roof repair in Miami, FL. was not a very big job but was labor intensive – a whole lot of work in a small space. This was a great training exercise for a couple of our newer roofers just learning repairs. I like to switch roles and become the helper while talking them through the repair – learning by doing.


Clay Tile Roof Repair
30 lb. felt tin-capped to Code
Clay Tile Roof Repair In Miami, Florida
Rotten wood replaced at bottom of valley

The bottom of this valley was so rotted that by the time all the bad wood was removed there wasn’t much left. Two trusses were repaired along with some decking, fascia and soffit. The entire repair area was then covered with 30 lb. felt and tin-capped to Code. Next, 3” x 3” galvanized drip-edge flashings were nailed every 4 inches at the perimeter. Prior to the valley metal install Tarco PS200 self-adhering tile underlayment was installed from the bottom eave up through the valley area.

Tile Roof Repair Step by Step

Clay Tile Roof Repair In Miami
Valley metal set in cement at the nail line

Then 18” galv. valley metal was set in roof cement at the nail line and nailed down. Then all metal flashings are coated with fast-drying asphalt primer for good adhesion of the underlayment which was then installed over the entire area, leaving a 4” cut down the middle of the valley for the tile install.



Clay Tile Roof Repair In Miami, florida - In Progress
Clay tile roof repair in progress – Miami, FL.

It’s time to put the tile back – right? Wrong!! It’s time for a tin-cap and in-progress inspection. Welcome to Miami-Dade County! Pictures of the tin caps are OK but the inspectors want to see it before the tile is put back. This makes it impossible to do a job like this in one day and drives up prices.



Clay tile roof inspection in Miami, FL.
Clay tile roof repair complete – and we passed inspection!

Having passed inspection we returned and put back the tile. These were 10 year old Altusa Clay roof tile – discontinued, hard to find and expensive. New Altusas cost about $1.25 each but Altusa doesn’t maintain a consistent profile from year to year, so they won’t fit. You’ve got to take a sample from the job and shop the tile salvage yards and when you find them, they are $4.00 each! So, we install the tile with Tile Bond adhesive, mortar the valley and trim and we’re done – right? No!! Time for final inspection . . .

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